We LOVE Valentine's Day... To celebrate, here are just a few tips!!!

♥ Dress SEXY!  (American Apparel)

♥ Put on some RED lips! (Lindsey Wixson)

♥ Save money for a SUPER present!!! (

♥ Make a SWEET recipe! (Lindsey Wixson)

♥ Show how much you LOVE!!! (Uncovet)



♥ Make a Valentine DIY craft! (Julep)

♥ Write a LOVE letter!!! (Sugar Paper)

♥ …and seal with a SMOOCH! (Lindsey Wixson via Helado de Nata)

♥ Create the perfect atmosphere! (We Heart It)

♥ And have fun!!! ;)  XOXO Loveys!!! (Design Love Fest)