One part sexy, one part yummy, brace yourself this resort season with an ultra-adorable swimwear collab: Lolli x Venessa Arizaga. Often an unlikely combination, swimwear and indulgent treats collide in this playfully whimsical collection inspired by lust-worthy, warm weather locales and the quintessential treats no vacay would be complete without. 
Pack your bags and prepare to be transported to some gorgeous tropical destinations. Whether it’s margaritas in Mexico you fancy, or key lime pie in the Florida Keys, this collab has you covered...well sort of! Flirty cuts made from the finest swimwear fabrics, are adorned with the cutest, most delicious charms. Hawaiian shave ice and beautiful coastal drives, inspired by the North Shore of Oahu, rum punch and limes reminiscent of the Kool-Aid Blue waters in the Keys, and Dias de los Muertos skulls, which pay homage to Mexico, a place designer Vy Nguyen-Farmerie, holds dear to her heart (she was married in Saylulita)- this had to be captured! 
When she sat down to create the collection, she was drawing inspiration from some of her favorite tropical places, and food kept coming up. Tacos, burgers, ice cream, suddenly it was so obvious! The collaboration resulted after an introduction by a mutual friend, since Vy has a self-proclaimed obsession with Venessa Arizaga’s jewelry line. Debuting November 15th, the collection will be available on both designers’s sites as well as Shopbop.
Hawaiian Coconut: North Shore Oahu; BEADS: palm tree, hula girl, coconut & tiki man
The Keys: Key West Florida; BEADS: Key Lime Pie, Flamingo, Yummy RUM Punch, & a lime
Mexi Time: MEXiCO everything!!! BEADS: A Marg, Dias de los Muertos skully, a taco, & sandia (watermelon)
YUMMiES: My CALiFORNiA FAV; BEADS: Eye (i LOVE evil eyes),  a Heart, Palm Tree, & In n Out cheeseburger
SWEETS: Our favories SWEETS! BEADS: Ice cream, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie sammy, & hawaiian shaved ice from Matsumotos.