Quirky Bags For Summer!

We're bananas for all things QUiRKY & CUTE!!!  Be the babe with the SWEETEST bag at the party!!! ;) Find these and more Quirky Bags on our new Pinterest board! XOXO!

1. Soft Serve You Well Bag from ModCloth

2. Ice Cream Truck Clutch from Kate Spade

3. Patricia Chang Donut Cross Body Bag from Shopbop

4. Posh Girl Lemon Drop Acrylic Clutch 

5. Skinny Dip Orange Juice Cross Body Bag (Out of stoooockkk!!! Wahaaa! ¬ ¬ )

6. Rainbow Cross Body Bag from Skinny Dip London! NEW! NEW! NEW! ;)

7. Pink Shell Cross Body Bag from Skinny Dip London AGAIN! Definitely our FAV!